My Music Manifesto

Note: This will be an evolving post as I try and put all my thoughts to words. I think long and write slow unfortunately.

To begin here are a few points that I consider as truths:

Music is an artform.

Musical preferences are personal. Each song speaks differently to each person as they evoke experiences and feelings.

On the other hand, preferences can also be influenced. They are influenced by the delivery systems like radio, television and your favourite streaming service. We are also influenced by the people we know and admire (friends and music idols) as well as those who are annoying af (like your neighbor’s videoke sessions).

Musical preferences change over time. I’m currently digging indie alternative, but I listen to other genres as well. I grew up exposed to a variety of genres and I’ll probably write about them too.

There is no denying a song’s power. Songs can move people and influence opinion. How many times has a song moved you to tears, anger or joy? How many times has it made you buy a product you don’t necessarily need?

There is almost nothing original in terms of “sound” today (if at all). Rock music grew from blues, country, and rhythm and blues. Indietronica followed synthpop. Musicians are influenced by what they listen to and they generally manifest in the songs they write/play/sing.

Musicians play, singers sing, songwriters write lyrics. You can be one or any combination. I will not use the label ‘recording artist’ unless it’s referenced somewhere.

Dissing a band, singer, song or genre is a manifestation of that person’s bias. Bias is natural, but we should still be respectful and constructive in criticism.

I don’t expect musicians to stick to the same “sound.” Like the Pokemon we collect they evolve too. Those who sound the same over every album I think have stopped trying.

I do expect them to improve in skill.

This being new I’m sure I’m going to be coming back to this post to add, edit or elaborate on some of the points I mentioned. I like to keep an open mind; music is such a broad field, there’s a lot to talk about, and music to discover. I hope this proves to be illuminating for you as it is for me.