Journaling During the Pandemic

One of the activities that has helped reduce the chaos in my day to day for the most part, but especially during the pandemic has been journaling. It has been a place of order and a scratchboard wherein I reimagined my life and planned it. I have used a variety of tools, from pen and paper to apps to help put a little more structure and perspective in my life.

For this particular entry I’m writing about my experience with bullet journaling, specifically during the pandemic.

I’ve noticed a trend where it’s really just a dumping ground for tasks.

I have used my bullet journal inconsistently over the course of the pandemic. The longest stretch for me was about a month wherein I consistently put in my tasks and thoughts and organized whatever needed organizing in my life, like projects and my belongings.

It’s difficult to make it a daily activity because most of the time it’s just a task list for work, and work is… boring.

And the more items I needed to manage the more discouraged I was to making the effort to complete tasks.

In addition, agonizing over how I organize my thoughts in the journal has been counter-productive; this is however not the fault of journaling, rather my obsession in making things ‘look’ organized.

How I adapted

I decided to not follow the suggested formats. I ditched the monthly and yearly views as well as all the collections (largely) and just organized it day by day. If I needed to work on larger ideas that cannot be contained within a day I give it a page and put it in the Index.

I try not to overthink it. Just dump what I need to dump in there and then move on to the next day. If there are certain things or if a collection deserved more focus I would then move these over to my web apps (like Workflowy and Notion) so that I can easily move items around and better organize them.

It can evolve into how you need it to be. I decided to organize and make entries by the day. Every task that is not finished can be written in as a duplicate entry in the new day, but I realized that it was just wasteful so I decided to just copy unfinished tasks when I turn over to the next page.

(article in progress.)

Thumbnail Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash