🚴🏻‍♀️ The 2020 Cycling Season: Tourism and Racing in One Show

Do you miss traveling and the excitement of a good race? Watch all the road races this year.

The pandemic has made (most) of us unable to travel and engage in outdoor activities. I had wanted to do solo trips this year and bike more. The latter I was able to do when EDSA was still a lot less crowded and the air cleaner during the lockdown, but a really bad gout flare up (on a sprained ankle, I don’t know anymore) has relegated me to staying indoors for the time being. I miss going out and I miss it badly.

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Thankfully, while I was resting my swollen ankle I have had time to just let the TV on while I worked, and while my YouTube consumption has skyrocketed I was able to reconnect with road cycling as I was following the Global Cycling Network channel. Prior to this year I have only followed the Tour de France. But this year has a compressed schedule as they only allowed the races to start around September instead of July. There are races every week and currently the Giro d’ Italia (Italy) and La Vuelta (Spain) are overlapping. These three tours feature the beautiful scenery of their respective countries so if you’re ever wanting some ideas on your future European trip you’ll get ideas here. The race commentators have to fill in the lulls in the race with factoids about the riders and cycling, but also information about the different tourist spots of the area they are racing in. The race largely gets exciting in the final hour anyways. It’s brilliant (which is a phrase I have picked up from the mostly UK commentators) and it’s great to just stream to your TV while you’re going about your activities.

If you want to be able to watch the races, just download the GCN app on your mobile and subscribe to Race Pass. It’s just Php 369.00 per month or $8.99 USD. Please note that geo restrictions apply, which means if you have VPN, use it. Thankfully it’s available in the Philippines. 😊

Photo by Simon Connellan on Unsplash