Hello Again


When I started out my career I’ve just maintained one website, ferlinhicarte.com which was both my portfolio site and my blog site. While I think it would be economical to just consolidate everything into just one site I feel it would serve me better to separate these two aspects online as I do with my actual life.

So I decided to get a new domain.

Deciding on a new domain name wasn’t as easy as I thought it would. My name was already taken years ago which was why I decided to use my full name, ferlinhicarte.com. This is not an easy name to hear, announce or remember; hell, even just my first name. If you ever want to test the recall level of your name just try to order a drink at your nearest Starbucks.

“One venti iced latte for Ferdie!”
“One tall brewed coffee for Ferlie!”
“Caramel Macciatto hot for Ferlyn!”
“Venti vanilla sweet cream cold brew for Percy!”

Which is why I usually use Life and Ever as my names when I’m at Starbucks.

So I decided on madebyferlin.com. It’s one syllable shorter and it a broad sense encapsulates what I intend to do in the site which is to make stuff. Here I am making a serious push in creating reviews and using this as an outlet for my creative work that is not UX and UI-related. All that will remain in ferlinhicarte.com, as I plan to remake that site as a comprehensive CV site.

Again it would have been easier to just put everything under just one site, but for a long while I’ve felt so stuck and seeing that my current site has sort of been all over the place. It’s great to be able to have something new to focus on, or maybe make an entirely new persona.