Daily Summary

Peak Design released their 10th kickstarter campaign and it is mobile accessories. They made a case which currently is just for iPhones and available in just one color (gray); but they also have an adhesive adapter for any flat phone case. But they have built a whole ecosystem around that ceramic adapter, which include multiple mounts, stands and even a wallet. I think it’s awesome and that mobile tripod that attaches to the case is so good it makes me want to pledge. Estimated delivery date is May next year, and if you want to buy the whole set it will cost $332.00 USD 😮. Do I need it? Not really. Do I want it? Heck yeah!

Check out their kickstarter campaign.

Picture of a hand placing attaching his phone to the Peak Design Out-Front Bike Mount

Picture of the phone case featuring the Slimlink mount

All images are from Peak Design’s Kickstarter page.