In Progress

After spending some time trying to figure out a theme for my site I’ve decided that I would document my journey into self-improvement.

I’ve been on this path for several years now, ever since my life has been through several upheavals that have thrown me into so much self-doubt and has made me profoundly unhappy. I am by no means there yet (from where I see it), but I can confidently say that I am much better than I was from three years ago. I have browsed and read through a lot of content and tried a lot of things out to help better my mental and physical health; I’ve also experimented with a lot of methods to improve how I do things and be more productive, as well as engage in activities that are meaningful to myself and make me happy.

I will write about my experiences as well as all the things I’ve tried, currently trying out and will be trying to do; and will be grouping all these articles into this new category which I am calling ‘In Progress’. I’ll also be moving all my previous productivity articles under this new category.

It took me several months to actually figure this out, which by my standards is slow 😅, but this is a theme that I believe best describes where I am right now. I hope that you will find some value in them and somehow inspire you to try to be better as well.